Monday, October 21, 2013

Slams & Scary Movies!

Have you ever eaten so much candy that you feel almost dizzy? I know I have eaten so much sugar that I have a headache/stomach-ache but dizzy?? It's not often that sugar does that to me, but guaranteed when I do a "Tim-Tam-Slam", it's like the Thanksgiving of all Thanksgivings of SUGAR. Holy cow if you have never done a "Tim-Tam-Slam" before you have to try it, but be warned that you may only want to do one slam, but 4 slams later you know this is going to hit you in the morning, or that night, or heck it may be immediately you never know! So this is how it all started:

Here in Kunming, the city has been in a drought for like 7 years, until Kyle and I enter the city. Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if we brought the snow with us! So it's been raining non-stop for the past 3-4 days and it has gotten really cold! Like 45 degrees cold!! (In Utah I'm pretty sure we'd still be in shorts and a tank top in that kind of weather, but not here... I mean let's break out the winter coats!) Let's just say for once I am super jealous of the 3 year olds that are running around in the full body winter coats! UMM hello where is a 6 foot one for me?? Man a Snuggie (that sounds weird... is that right? the blanket with arms?) anyway a snuggie has never sounded so nice before! So last night, Kyle, me, Jeff and Maren were all in the store and we saw Tim Tams and it hit us!! OH YAY!! Let's break out the hot chocolate on this chilly night and get sugar high!! YAY BUDDY... "I want to get chocolate wasted!!" "Who wants a stomach ache in the morning?!?" "MEEEE!!" So we didn't go in half hearted on this event, oh no we didn't.... we bought not one box of Tim Tams, but TWO!! I mean this was the real deal!

We get home, put Mason to sleep, and the adults break out the good stuff! 2 cups and 2 bowls for the hot chocolate... we don't have enough cups :) and then we get down to the serious business... heating the water! After a good 10 minutes pass we divvy out the hot chocolate (Jeff's bowl: 1/4 full of hot cocoa powder, Kyle's cup: 1/4 full of cocoa powder, My cup: maybe a little more than 1/4 full of cocoa powder, hahaha and then there is Maren's bowl: I want to say 3/4 full of cocoa powder... no it wasn't that much but Kyle and I were cracking up at Maren because when it comes to Maren and chocolate, there was no funny business! I mean if we break out the chocolate we BREAK it out!!) So then the fun begins!! Simply bite off kiddy-corner ends of the cookie and dip one end in the hot chocolate and suck the hot chocolate out, through the cookie, like a straw and then quickly slurp the cookie in before it get mushy and falls in the cup/bowl. INSTANT sugar rush/headache! But for some reason you just cannot stop at one!!

In China, chopsticks are an essential part of every meal... Obviously it's a "must have" for drinking hot chocolate!

Yes, it's so good that this cookie deserves an "eye-close" motion as I bite into it. 

After we finished our Tim-Tam-Slams we wanted to make our stomachs stir even more so we decided to watch a scary movie since it's close to Halloween. Okay so back in the States, watching the Grudge is super scary and really creepy, but after the movie is done there is a very slim chance that you would run into an Asian person (which the Grudge is full of creepy Asians!) But when we literally live in a city where we are the only white people surrounded by Asians and the chance that we would see person that looks like the people in the Grudge or The Ring... those movies were not even close to being an option!! I mean talk about a heart attack waiting to happen!! We ended up watching "What Lies Beneath." I must admit that when I was younger and single, I LOVED Halloween time! I mean who doesn't love getting close to a boy/girl they like and watching a scary movie, it's gives you that excuse to get close right? Okay but now that I'm old/married, scary movies are not appealing to me at all! I've gotten to this point where I get so scared that I feel like I'm going to throw up! All I do is hide my face in the pillow or blanket! But we watched a scary movie anyway and it was actually really fun getting scared! It made me feel like a teenager again!

As usual, hanging out with the Trefts makes for a great night! We are so sad that they are leaving us in a few weeks to go back to Utah! We may hide in their suitcases and come home with them! Just kidding........ maybe!

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  1. You are so funny! I remember going to the Grudge in the theater in h.s. and all my friends and I were all so scared when we came out, that any person (white or asian) freaked us out! My husband served his mission in Australia where they love the Tim Tam Slam, so I know what you mean about that sugar rush!