Monday, June 8, 2015

PP... Also known as Plant Problems

So I know its been like a LONG time since I last have posted anything on my blog and normally I would update things about my family like how we are doing (which we are doing great), where we are living nowadays (Spanish Fork, Utah), how Mason is doing (He is doing great! Learns new things hourly it seems like), and what is new in our lives (nothing really) but this is a different blog! This blog I am discussing my biggest struggle in life! PP also known as Plant Problems! I have the hardest time keeping plants alive. For Mother's Day this year my dad gave me this beautiful rose bush. I was so excited about it... until I realized that I actually have to keep it alive. I mean give me a fake flower and somehow because it is in my presence it will find a way to shrivel up and die. Like my friend Amara says "I couldn't keep a cactus alive!" If my dad gave me a rose I would feel a little better throwing it away after a couple of days because it was cut and was already on it's way to dying, but no... he gave me a gorgeous rose plant. A plant.... A plant that continues to grow roses so that you never run out of roses unless you're me and then somehow the whole plant dies. The worse part about this whole thing is that I have to watch my little innocent plant suffer and slowly lose life. I knew that I had plant problems before my dad gave me this bush so once he gave it to me, I was SUPER determined to keep this one alive. I put the best soil in the pot, I put rocks at the bottom so it doesn't drown, I even put the insides of a diaper (yes... a diaper) in the soil to keep the moisture in the soil longer than usual. I mean I went above and beyond the normal measures of keeping a plant alive..... BUT it still is on its way to the garbage. I mean I don't know what to do. At the beginning I watered it everyday and then it started dying ok maybe I'm watering it too much so I'll back off a little so I did and then it seems like it was dehydrated. What the heck! These plants are more demanding then my toddler! So I read online about mini rose bushes. They can get sun burnt. Umm ok so should I put sunscreen on the leaves? I mean what the heck I thought plants were the easiest things in the world but somehow I am able to keep my 2 year old alive and well but can't figure out for the life of me how to keep a daggum rose bush from wilting. Here are some pictures so show how unfortunate this plant is to have entered my life.

 See that pretty one on top... give it a couple of days, no hours and it'll look like the poor sibling down there wishing it was in someone else's care.

 Moss or mold growing on the soil... I can grow mold but can't keep a plant from dying how sad :(

 Look at those sun burnt leaves! Dang maybe I should've put SPF 1000 on them.

 Now these leaves aren't sun burnt.... they are just dead or on their way to dying.

See the left door that's mine, the right door that's my neighbor. See her plant..... if that plant somehow were to be 10 feet to the left it would recognize that it's on my property and die. Even if I did the exact same thing my neighbor did. Water it every day, put it out in the sun.... it would just hold it' breath and suffocate.