Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Baohai Park

In China they celebrate National Day on October 1st, which is similar to America's 4th of July. Kyle and I have a whole week off of work and so we decided to head about 10 minutes from our apartment to a park called Baohai Park. Kyle had only seen the park from the highway on his way to work but never actually been in the park. I am SO glad that we went! It was absolutely gorgeous!! And the best part is, is that it cost 2 dollars for 3 of us to get in! Just like in Dali, this park was very picture perfect. It is mind blowing how gorgeous China is! There are parts of China where they are run-down and really dirty (which is how I pictured all of China looking like) but for the majority of China, or the places we have seen thus far, are breath taking! After the park we went to a zoo... I'm kidding we actually went to Walmart which was practically a zoo! It was CRAZY!! There were so many people there. And I kept telling Kyle, "Man it is REALLY humid in here." I was sweating bullets! And then we walked pass the humidifier section, and there were about 100 humidifiers ALL GOING!! It is so hard being in a crowded place like Walmart with Mason because everyone wants to touch him. There was one time Kyle was looking down an isle (so he took his eyes off Mason for literally 2 seconds) and a guy reached over and touched his face. That is becoming one of my biggest pet peeves! People just come out of no where and grab his face, hands and feet! He literally is like a baby panda on the loose! I need a sign that says, "Look but don't feed or touch!" I don't know how many people have offered Mason a sucker, an ice-cream cone, a walnut, or a piece of candy for him to eat. Ok people!! He's only 6 months old... not 6 years! Ha-ha he has barely started eating solid foods... I think giving him a sucker right now would just about put him over the edge! Let's just say that if he had an ice-cream cone right now, the squash I give him would be out the door for sure! Ok here are some pictures of the park! Enjoy.... and I'm sorry for the amount, again there were so many amazing pictures that I have to put them all up :)  

In Kunming, there are a lot of marble and mineral rock here! They are really really pretty! I told Kyle that I want to ship a marble slab back to America for my kitchen! Cost wise, it wouldn't make sense!

Grass tunnel

Sorry it's blurry :(

Playing games

Inside this park was an Elementary School!


This was really fun walking through this amazing park. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful part of China!


  1. Hey, I love reading about your adventures. I don't know ANYTHING about China so it's all very fascinating to me. Totally funny everyone wants to touch your baby. He is pretty cute!
    Anyway, about giving kids candy. Before I had kids I always gave kids candy and sweets, thinking I was being nice. But now as a mom I HATE it. Addie gets offered so much candy all of the time and good luck trying to take it away once it is offered. Bah!

    1. Haha Missy I did the exact same thing! I loved to connect with little kids by giving them sweets and stuff... but now that I have my own I do not like it at all!