Friday, May 30, 2014

The joys about raising children!

I have loved having Mason in our family! I mean I'm not going to lie... there are days when I want to give up and I see teenagers running around without a worry in the world and sometimes it looks more fun, but being a mother or a father is the greatest gift anyone can receive! I love having a child because it gives me a reason to do child-like things right along with him like watch movies all day, play with toys, eat food with your fingers, not wear shoes outside, not having to keep the house spotless, and much more! I love seeing excitement in his eyes! There is nothing more fulfilling then seeing your child's' eyes light up and having him get so excited! Every time I say, "Get your shoes, let's go to the park!" his little face gets so excited and he bounces his way over to his shoes and then pounds on the door until I open it. Having a child gives us an excuse to go to Disney every week. I mean how much I want to say that Kyle and I go for ourselves, it really is all for Mason..... right? :)

Mason is so smart! It shocks me how quickly he catches onto things! He has gotten in this habit where he screams if something is taken away from him... and I mean SCREAMS! It is so high pitched you would think windows would break, or my eardrum, but nothing has broken so far besides my patience. So the other day I was talking to my mom and asked her for advice on what she would do with Mason screaming and as soon as I said "scream", Mason all of a sudden screams. What the heck? Mason totally knows the word scream!! How does he know that word?? I say door and he heads to the door, I say shoes and he grabs his shoes, books, food, blanket.... and the list keeps going! I can't believe how quickly he is learning! It puts a lot of pressure on parents for sure!

He loves to mimic! (which is a really good thing, but very scary as well). He see's Kyle wearing headphones:

So Mason wants to wear them! Mason has been such a joy in our lives! I honestly cannot imagine my life without this innocent human being in it! Having children makes the world a fun place to live in, especially when you actually see what kind of world we are living in! I have learned so much from this little child of mine and he is just starting to make sounds! I'm in for a treat once this kid starts communicating! 

Mom and Dad love you so much Mason!!