Monday, October 28, 2013

Patience... What Patience?

Ya know I feel like I am a pretty patient person when it comes to most things. I feel like if there is a pile up of traffic on the highway, I think to myself, "What a great time to think about life." or if someone cuts in front of me in line, I think "Ya know they probably have somewhere they need to be like right now!" Okay so I'm not exactly like that (That makes me sound like a saint... haha and I am definitely far from being a saint) I never thought that coming to China would be the biggest patience tester!! Oh my goodness! Isn't it just common courtesy to be respectful of your neighbors? Or of others around you?

We have been in China for about 8-9 weeks and I have come to the conclusion that the lady who lives above us is... oh how do I say it?!.... Oh she is crazy! Maybe psycho I dunno but she is insane! I don't know why she does this but here is what we hear on a DAILY basis. We wake up to her moving furniture around 9 a.m., then around 9:30 this really annoying Happy Birthday song comes on and it is on repeat! Holy cow I don't know what I'm going to sing to Mason when he's 1 because is ain't goin to be Happy Birthday!

Then for some reason she has to pound on drums in every room in the house, meanwhile the TV is blasting and on top of that there is an orchestra/Christmas music type thing also blasting on a radio in the background. After the drums are done, she brings out the cow bell! A COW BELL? Oh man, so then she pounds on the cow bell and is yelling some voodoo things while she's doing it. I have come to the conclusion that every day she has to bless her house or something, I think she does this so no bad spirits or devil type things enter her home... but if she keeps it up the devil in me will be pounding on her door soon. Believe me I have tried to pound on the ceiling, but our walls and ceiling are cement so, if anything, all I caused was paint to fall from the ceiling... oops. Kyle has actually gone up to her floor and knocked on her door, she doesn't answer. In fact all noises end! YEAH!! No more Happy Birthday, whoa where is the cow bell? Maybe the cow ran away. ugh a cow bell. Who owns a cow bell anyway!!... anyway Kyle will knock and knock and knock and she won't answer! haha so then he POUNDS!! and she ends up just yelling on the inside of her door saying stuff like, "Why are you outside my door? Go live somewhere else if you can't stand the noise...." Blah blah blah you're crazy lady! One night her window was open so Kyle decided to talk to her through that by yelling out ours haha I was cracking up! Please, do enjoy:

Ok so enough about the crazy lady above us... Oh and I know what you are thinking "It probably is just a bunch of kids making all the noise"... nope it is definitely her! She is WAY too crazy to have kids! Okay moving onto another one of my patience testers: Clubbing music. So the crazy lady stop making noise, uhh well pretty much never, but it simmers down around 9 or 10 p.m. and THEN this club literally right outside of our house decides to blast music. Luckily it's mostly American songs (because American songs are the best HOLLLA!... Okay am I black now? Holla??) anyway so from about 10 p.m.-2 a.m. we feel an intense bass! Like we-wake-up-and-our-furniture-is-rearranged type of bass! I honestly have never loved 2 a.m.-9 a.m. more in my life! What is that called again... I think it's called QUIET!

One more story and then I'll get off my soap box. About a month ago we decided to this really cool park we had heard about. So after the taxi ride Kyle tells me that he's going to go buy the tickets to enter the park. As he is standing in line this guy totally walks right in front of him and stands there. Kyle looked back at me like, "Uhh did you not notice that I was standing here... in line?" So Kyle moves around the guy and gets back in front of him. Once Kyle made it to the window to buy our tickets, he is just about to hand the cashier money and the guy that butted him earlier gets right in front of Kyle again and hands the lady cash for him to buy his ticket. Kyle looked over at the guy and said, "Are you going to pay for our tickets?" Which in response, "No! I'm getting my ticket." It's the little things here in China that are really starting to make me like the U.S. more and more! In order to survive in China you have to be really really selfish! And I find that so sad! If you are standing in line at the store and decide to be nice and let people go in front of you, you WILL be taken advantage of! Believe me... I've witnessed it, (cough cough or experienced it.) Well I could go on and on with experiences that have happened while here in China but I won't bore you anymore! All I can say is that I am proud to be an American where at least I know people are nice and considerate of one another.

Ok one more thing that I have found so interesting and then I promise I'm done. The interesting thing about what I'm about to say is that I honestly have no idea how to explain it! I have seen this so many times and it honestly blows my mind that Chinese people don't exactly know how elevators work! I will be behind someone at the elevator waiting for it to come and I see that the arrow is pushed "up". I then think to myself, "Oh I'm going down, so I'll push the DOWN button... right?" Most Chinese people will find the elevator and tell it which way to go, rather then just push down because you want to go down. So for example: We live on the 5th floor and let's say the elevator is on the 3rd floor, a Chinese person would push UP to make the elevator come up to their floor and then once inside push the lowest floor to go down. In some cases they have actually ridden it up... oh that's because they pushed up, who would've thought!! If I think about it too much, I get really confused about the whole thing! I mean I dunno... you tell me what you think when you approach an elevator! I honestly have never thought about doing that when I get to an elevator! Sometime it blows my mind how not so street smart Chinese people are! They are definitely book smart! But ya street smart... hmm I just don't understand how someone can come out of a driveway and somehow have to do a three-point turn! How do you even get in that situation?... you just came out of a driveway.

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