Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Anning Hot Springs

Today Kyle and I woke up and decided that we wanted to go see these hot springs that we had heard about. It was only about a 45 minute taxi ride so it was really close where we could make a day trip out of it. The weather here seems to work perfectly with us. When we were in Dali, we woke up and it was raining but it turned out to be the best day because it stopped raining quickly and with the cloud coverage it stayed cool while we hiked around and stuff. So today we woke up and it was raining and I was so depressed because I didn't want to travel for 45 minutes and have the hot pots be closed due to the rain but the rain stopped and it was absolutely perfect weather to sit in hot tubs. The weather was on the chillier side but it was nice because all the hot tubs were hot.... imagine that!

When we first arrived at the hot springs we checked in, paid the fee and then headed into the changing rooms to change into our suits. They provided robes and shoes for walking outside from hot tub to hot tub, but like usual the shoes are made for Chinese woman... not American woman who are 6'1'' and have size 9 feet. Lets just say I was walking on my tip toes so my heels weren't touching the rocks as I walked. It is so different here in China then it is in America, or at least what I have seen in America! In the changing room all the woman were walking around naked! UMMM NO I do not do that. I walked around looking for a changing room but of course they didn't have one. It shocked me when I looked over and there laid on about 5 tables were naked woman getting dried by workers! The workers would towel dry them and then lather them with lotion! OH MY GOODNESS just give me a room to change in and I'm good! After changing into our suits we headed outside to the hot tubs! There were about 20-30 hot tubs spotted throughout this hill. It was gorgeous, it was thick with pine trees in between the tubs.

So excited!
In our robes ready to go for a dip!

The pool! It surprised me when I touched this pool and it was really chilly! This was one of the only ones that wasn't heated from the natural springs

The hot tub filled with roses was by far my favorite one out of all of the tubs! It was one of the hottest and when we got in, this huge aroma of roses filled the air! It was literally like we were laying on a pile of roses! There were lots of rose petals floating on top of the water and lots that covered the floor of the hot tub. It was a very neat experience! If it weren't so hot, I would've stayed in this one the whole time!

We were told that this little one was the hottest tub in the whole place.

Best Date Ever!!! So romantic!

We had our nanny come with us to watch Mason while Kyle and I went swimming. It was perfect! Mason LOVES our nanny and so she would just walk around on the sidewalks, feed him and put him to sleep all while Kyle and I were soaking in amazing tubs!

This is the hot tub had green tea in it!

This was a coconut milk filled tub. It smelled so good when we would sit down in it. This strong aroma of coconut filled our noses! I seriously wanted to drink this one!
After we were done hot tubbing, we decided to go get a massage. I wish that we would've brought our camera with us because the outfits that they had us in were hilarious! I seriously was laughing so hard when I saw what Kyle was wearing!! I can't even describe it! Let's just say that it is meant to stay behind closed doors, it was that ugly! It was like these nasty tan colored jump suit things with color around the necks haha anyway they were nasty! So Kyle and I got a couples massage and it was very different than any other massage that we have ever gotten. It was like a combination of a massage, a chiropractor and a police officer "pat down". I was trying not to laugh when I heard this guy who was massaging Kyle start beating Kyle's head! HAHA oh man I really had to pull it together quickly or else I think I might have offended them! It was interesting, but definitely worth the cheap amount we paid for the whole experience! It was really fun going to this hot springs and spending some quality time with my husband! We are definitely going to go back and look forward to doing it again!

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  1. First of all the no changing room is hilarious! Ugh that would have been so hard for me!! Lol. I love that your nanny watched Mason while you guys had your date. You're never going to want to come home! ;)