Friday, October 4, 2013

Parks & Balls

Yesterday Kyle had the rare opportunity to go to a golf course here in Kunming called "Sunshine Golf Course." Here in China you don't golf unless you are really good, and have a TON of money. Chinese people don't have the money to go golfing just for fun so to have someone ask Kyle to go golfing, Kyle knew he was in for a treat! This house that he went to had 2 personal chefs that cooked him sweet pork for dinner but that wasn't what was making Kyle's mouth salivate:

This is the ride that picked them up to head to the house and golf course

First they walked into a locker room where Kyle had his own locker to put his purse... I'm kidding, he put his shoes and golf bag in there.

Out on the greens was the first time that Kyle had ever had his own personal caddie. He would clean the ball and clubs after every single shot. After a few hits, his caddie knew exactly what club Kyle would need and would be ready to hand them to him. The caddie would also line the ball up to the hole so Kyle knew exactly where to hit it.

Kyle has played on a lot of different golf courses in the US, but told me that this golf course was by far the prettiest he had ever played on!

View from the club house

Henry, Kyle, Drew, Taylor

Today we went and explored Kunming a little more. We went to a park called "Green Lake Park." It was really pretty, and really packed! When we first arrived I was a little confused because this is what greeted us:
Are we in Disneyland?? What the heck!

There were many vendors and people playing music! It was a very active park!




The COOLEST most AWESOME cotton candy I have ever seen!!!

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