Monday, May 6, 2013

Our little buddy

Mason is growing so so so fast! Darn you time! Slow down! He's six weeks old and growing up every single day. His newest thing has been smiling at us... and when I say us I mean Kyle and only Kyle! It's ok, I'm in the background and in my mind I tell myself he's smiling at me :) He loves to follow us around the room. He has been the best sleeper. The past week he has slept 2 full nights, which is 5-6 hours. I love it! He will go to bed around 10 and wake up around 7-8 only waking up 1 time to eat! I hope that this isn't a phase that he's going through where it will end soon, cause it is awesome! He L-O-V-E-S bath time! Overall this kid loves life and has no worries... I'm super jealous about the no worries part!

Kyle and I have gotten into a little routine every night where Mason knows what to expect, like bathing and getting fed. We have also gotten into a few T.V. shows lately and I know this makes us sound super old but that is what we look forward to! On Tuesday we watch Splash, and I just laugh because I swear how can so many people be that uncoordinated and do a face plant or a belly flop when it comes to a simple dive, no flips or anything? Now I'm not saying that I can do a perfect dive, but I'm pretty sure I can dive and not bruise my eyes because I forgot to close them, or get a concussion because I landed weird. Anyway it's an amusing show, so that's Tuesday. Wednesday is by far our favorite!! Modern Family is on at 8! Ha-ha we love Modern Family! It's so dang funny. If you haven't seen Modern Family I would highly recommend to go on Hulu and watch as many episodes as one day will allow! After Modern Family there is this new show on, it's called "How to live with your parents for the rest of your life." We watch that every now and then only because it's on right before our favorite show of the night: "Nashville!" We love watching that show! Our next favorite day is on Sunday and that's because "America's Funniest Home Video's" is on.... I'm kidding! I love that show and I could laugh at it all day, but when it comes to watching animals do dumb things that's where Kyle and I differ... Our favorite show on Sunday is "Revenge" I have a harder time with this show because I didn't start watching it from the beginning, so I'm constantly asking Kyle, "Wait who is that?" or "What's going on?" So yes call us old people but that is our highlights of the week... TV shows! Yay for free entertainment! Ok back to the most important thing... Our son! Enjoy!

Talking to Dad

Loves being outside in the sun! 

Grandma Jan holding him outside

Laying in the sunlight 

We kinda matched

Family Pic-I think I was the only one not ready for this picture...

Mason not wanting me to leave him when he was going down for a nap! How could I leave this sweet little face?!?

Sweet toes

Out at the park!

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