Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day

This year for Memorial's Day we celebrated it a day early with Kyle's family and drove up to Morgan and spent time with grandparents, siblings and cousins. After devouring a delicious meal we all went downstairs and played games. It was so much fun watching Grandpa Tanner play with all the grand kids. You can tell that each grandchild loves Grandpa Tanner so much. They couldn't get enough of him. It's always so much fun getting everyone together, playing games, laughing, and making memories.

Each year for Memorial's Day, my side of the family usually goes on a bike ride down Provo Canyon but this year we were busy with other things so we ended up just staying here. Kyle came up with the idea of going on a bike ride around Heber on his brother-in-laws dirt bike. So around 4 p.m. we went up to my parents house, helped my mom with preparing some food and then we found out that we were out of BBQ sauce (which is a MUST HAVE for my dad) so our bike ride ended up being a trip to the store to get some BBQ sauce for my dad. It was fun though. I love going on the dirt bike with Kyle! The best part about being on a bike, especially during the summer time, is passing house's and getting that awesome aroma of smelling food that's cooking on the grill, smelling a fire in a fire-pit, and smelling the fresh mountain air!

My parents are remodeling their living room; this is their new gorgeous bookcase. 

Happy little guy

Watching mom vacuum and get ready to go over to Grandma's for the Memorial Day dinner.

New sun glasses (a must have for our trip to San Diego in a week and a half... YAY!)

So sweet!
Holiday's are always so much fun because we are fortunate enough to be able to spend time with family and friends and eat some good food.

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  1. That first pic of Mason smiling is soo... adorable! I just love him! That's crazy your parents are remodeling their living room! We'll have to stop by some time to see it. It's crazy I still remember them building your house! P.S. I love Mason's shades! Very classy. :)