Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Time... Slow down please!!!!

I can't believe that Mason is almost 2 weeks old!! Holy cow where the heck are the days going?? I swear, my due date took FOR EVER to get here and now that he's here it's going by too quickly! He is growing up right before our eyes and it almost makes me sad seeing him change and grow up so fast. The first little bit was really hard because both Mason and I couldn't seem to get on the same page when it came to nursing (I try to blame it on him, but really it was all me... I had no idea what I was doing!) But we have finally been able to figure it out without pulling each other's hair out (not literally :) believe me I am a good mom and wouldn't pull his or my hair out, my hair just falls out). I have developed an obsession rather quickly. I take lot's and lot's of pictures of my son!

So this obviously isn't a picture of Mason. But the weirdest thing has happened to my poor chin and lip area. For some reason I have all these small red bumps that burn and itch like crazy!! I honestly feel like a modern day leper or an adult with chicken pox! I have no idea what they are. My doctor has given me some cream to rub on it to help calm it down. We think that when I put the cream on after I'm done nursing, I touch my face and my face is having a reaction to the cream. So my main focus when I'm feeding Mason is to not touch my face! Which is really hard! What a horrible habit I have and I didn't realize it! I touch my face a lot!

 Mason has a lot of visitors! He is loved by so many!

 Kyle and I laugh a lot at the poses that Mason does. He always has his legs bent and his arms in a way where it makes him look like a little gangster.

 Can't get enough of this little guy!

When we were at the hospital, the nurses were always telling us that we had a really "smiley" baby and it is so true! Mason smiles all the time! (It's hard not to think that he's smiling just because of gas... Hopefully he's smiling because he likes us or we're doing something right or something) We have had the hardest time getting a picture of it, because as soon as we pull the camera out the smile is gone! But we finally got 2!

 Before Mason was born, we bought this thing called a "woombie." It's suppose to be the best swaddler ever and make the baby feel like he's in the womb. Well we tried it, and after about an hour we took it off. I felt like the zipper was too close to his throat and it looked really tight.

So instead of swaddling him in the woombie, we are going to stick to the blankets. He likes having his arms out anyway.


  1. You are doing awesome. Look how he has grown and the smiles should encourage you that your perfect mom for him! ! Just an FYI- nursing is a natural process, but a learned skill. Took me 4 months toget comfortable with my first, after that, No biggie! :^)

    Did the Dr say the stuff on your face could be a reaction to the anesthesia medication you received for the C-section? Just wondering, I've seen it before in a patient.

    You are awesome, keep enjoying each day.

    1. No he didn't say anything about the medication from the c section affecting it. I did have some side affects after the c section but they went away after a day.

  2. He is so precious! I need to meet him!