Tuesday, April 16, 2013

3 Weeks Old!

Wow I have no idea where the time is going. I can't believe that my little guy is three weeks old! Every time either Kyle's parents or my parents stop by to see him they tell us how much he has changed... it's hard for me to see that he's changing because he looks the same to me. I can tell he's gaining weight because his face is becoming fuller, but I can't look at him and see the drastic change that he makes every day, like every one else can, because I'm with him 24/7. I absolutely love his little baby smell! There is nothing like it. I could smell him all day and night... well I practically do because either I'm changing, feeding, or burping him. One thing that he loves to do is stare at Daddy. When Kyle comes home from work and Mason hears his voice, he immediately will find where Kyle is and stare.

He loves taking baths. The first night that we were able to put his whole body in the water, we put him in one of those infant tubs that you set on the counter... he screamed and screamed. He didn't like it at all and I think it was because his belly and arms weren't submerged in the water. So we finally thought of putting him in the sink so that his whole body can be under the water and he LOVES it. He will just sit and stare at us very calmly. We also put the towel in the dryer so that when he comes out of the water he is wrapped in a warm towel. So bath time in the Tanner home is really fun. The first time was stressful because of the crying, but once we figured out how he wants to be bathed it's actually enjoyable to bath him.

Kyle is really good at burping him. I will pat his back, I swear, for 10 minutes and not get anything out of him and then I'll hand him over to Kyle and almost immediately he'll burp. It is so neat to be able to watch this little connection grow between Kyle and Mason. I can tell that Mason really enjoys being held by his dad! Kyle comforts Mason in ways that I can't comfort him. 

Great-Grandma Shirley holding Mason. When we were about to give Mason to her, she said, "Ohhh I'm so nervous! I don't know if I want to hold him, he's so little." But once we put the Boppy around her and just laid Mason on the Boppy she was able to enjoy her great-grandson.

Brittin loves holding him! She is the best big sister ever. If she could she would do everything for him (feed, change him, dress him, burp him, hold him, comfort him....etc) One time she said to Kyle, "It's okay Dad, I'll burp him." She helps out a lot.

This is how he has to sleep. He loves having his arms up by his face. We try to swaddle them inside the blanket, but eventually he will wiggle them out and put them by his face.

His first bottle!! Kyle was so excited to feed him, and it was nice on my end because I was able to take a break for a little bit from nursing him. He took the bottle really well, we were kind of nervous that he wasn't going to be able to figure it out but he did great.

I love this picture! He's either super milk drunk or very very tired. I'm thinking it's a combination of both!

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