Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My "Building Muscle and Weight loss" Secret!!

There have been many people who have asked me how I lose weight (not really! Actually no one has haha) But I am going to tell you my secret!! It is to move to a different country! That's it! It is as simple as that. Ever since Kyle and I have moved across the world, I have found that eating breakfast, lunch or dinner is kinda like a workout. Mainly because these people here eat their food with these:

I mean..... What are those?? (I'm kidding) I struggle with getting any type of food into my mouth because I am forced to eat my food with sticks. I haven't gotten to the point where I end up stabbing my food with them, but I'm getting close to that breaking point. When we go into a restaurant, there is no slow way of learning how to use these. They don't offer you these stick-things and then 20 minutes later when you have yet to get a piece of rice into your mouth come and say, "Good attempt... here use this fork to finish the rest." They just simply smile and continue with their work. Not one Chinese restaurant here has a fork on hand! I mean who gets tempted to go into the restaurants kitchen to get a cooking utensil just so they can eat?... Me :) I am getting better at it though. 

Okay so on to my secret of building muscle. Well guess what the secret is for this one? That's right... it's the sticky-things that we eat food with. My fingers are doing good at the beginning of the meal, but about half way through my fingers are so stiff! I have never had so many finger cramps in my life... It's gotta be building muscle right? Haha that's what my dream has always been: it's to have these sexy muscly fingers on my right hand only. YES!!

It's not all bad though. I have come to find a favorite dish that I could eat at every meal! It's nice too because they are kinda sticky and so they are a little easier to pick up:

Dumplings and sauce with a side of potatoes! Super yummy! The food here is definitely different then the food back in the States. I actually think I like this food better. It's not as greasy and I am not tempted to eat as many sweets because they aren't available as often as they are in the States. There are so many different fruits and vegetables that I have never seen! Last night for dinner (I forgot to take a picture) Kyle and I had a dragon fruit! COOL!! It tasted like.... nothing actually haha. Dragon fruit has no taste at all but it's the thought that counts. We love trying new things and exploring this new world around us! Mason has loved exploring his new world as well. He has tried banana's and has loved them. Soon we are going to give him a purple sweet potato. They are suppose to be very nutritious for you, so hopefully he likes them! (I'm saying this like I have tried, let alone seen, a purple sweet potato! I guess if Mason likes it, I'll give it a try... horrible mom award right there)

Now I am going to post some pictures of my son, Mason, because he is the cutest thing ever!

This is what we do for a highchair at the moment. We just ordered a highchair, but it's not coming for about 5 days so we have had to come up with something else for the time being.

Oh my goodness! He can sit all by himself! Where did my little boy go?

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