Thursday, September 12, 2013

Birthday's & Bare Bums

Yesterday, September 11th, was Kyle's birthday. It was so much fun celebrating Kyle's birthday in China! Our good friends, Jeff and Maren, were so sweet in buying Kyle a cake and a vanilla coke! It was a really good cake. I expected  a cake in China to have sort of rice or something in it... typical thing for EVERY meal so why not dessert right? But instead it was an awesome cherry/chocolate cake! It was really good!!

This is the picture that our nanny took. "Hey Au Chen can you take a picture of us with the birthday cake?"...... or just the wall thank you :)

So we had another friend, Hannah, take the picture.

Jeff and Maren have been such a blessing in our lives! It has made our transition in moving to Kunming, China a lot easier. We had a friendship before we even met physically. While we were in the US, we would Skype with Jeff and Maren a lot and that is where our friendship started. When we finally met in person, it's like we have known them for a long time. We eat lunch and dinner with them almost everyday. They have gotten us addicted to eating at McDonalds for breakfast.... ya SHOCKER! I actually enjoy eating at McDonalds at 8 in the morning! When I really think about eating at McDonalds I just about gag, but it's really good!!

Kyle had to teach at the school on his birthday and here is the cake his students brought him:

And yes... those are tomatoes in the middle of his cake!

We have absolutely love our nanny! She is the sweetest little lady, I wish I could communicate with her... but I'm slowly learning Chinese so hopefully soon I will be able to talk her. The food she makes is the best! I look forward to her meals. Even when we have tofu for lunch (at home, I wouldn't even think about trying it) but because I absolutely love her cooking, I have tried every dish she has made... besides a mushroom dish, it looked really gross and I didn't think I could stomach that yet.

 Preparing lunch

Kyle talking with the nanny... I still find it so awesome that this language Kyle is speaking, is actually a language!! haha It honestly sounds like he is just making stuff up, but nope he is actually communicating!!

 Tofu and potatoes... The potatoes were kind-of spicy but they were really good that I kept eating them. The tofu looks like chicken, so that's what I kept telling myself.

This was one of my favorite meals that she has cooked. Pork, potatoes and carrots on two plates, egg and tomatoes on another plate and cabbage on the third plate.

This is, by far, the biggest jug of oil I have ever seen! Our nanny brought this in one morning and I couldn't wrap my head around it that it's oil!! I kept wanting to think it was a drink or something, but nope it's oil!

This is how they pick their fish at the store. There is everything from fresh fish to live oysters. If I liked fish, I'd be in heaven, but I'm not the biggest fish fan.

Fresh banana's. Jeff bought some and the guy cut them off the branch!

Every night, ladies will get together in the court and dance to loud music. It looks like a form of Zumba... except these woman are in jeans and high heals dancing!

Mason has been quite the trooper since we have arrived! His little personality has grown so much these past few weeks and Kyle and I really enjoy seeing him laugh and play. When Kyle get's home from work, Mason gets the BIGGEST smile on his sweet little face. He almost gets embarrassed because he's so excited!

 He just saw daddy after a long day of work!

 He loves daddy!!
 Getting embarrassed because he's so happy!

 Love them with all my heart!

Ever since Mason was a week old, he has loved taking baths! Taking a bath has always settled him down and he loves soaking in the water.

 Waiting for the tub to fill up with water!


Mason has this new thing where he LOVES giving kisses! My face is usually wet when he is done! It is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I love this stage of life that Mason is in right now!

 Well there is an update on our lives here in China. We are currently planning to go on a trip to Dali, China with Jeff and Maren next weekend because it's Mid-Autumn Festival here in China and they get a few days off school. We are excited to start exploring China!

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