Saturday, August 17, 2013

Eating food like a Big Boy!!

Last night, we decided that Mason was ready for cereal. He had been eyeing our food for quite some time (which is a sign they are ready) and he can sit up on his own (another sign) and he is old enough where if he doesn't like it he can refuse it (sign). So we got all prepared... the first time eating food, in my mind, is a make it or break it kind of thing. I wanted him to have the best experience possible so that he knew food was a good and enjoyable thing to do and not make him feel like he's being disciplined. My pediatrician gave me the best advice EVER on how to get your kids to eat anything that is in front of them. He said to let the baby eat the food himself. Babies have this thing where EVERYTHING goes in their mouths... everything. So if food is on their fingers eventually that finger ends up in his mouth by his choice, we didn't force him. Soon he will learn on his own that food is good, no one is forcing him to like it, he has decided that himself. If a baby doesn't like a certain type of food and you keep forcing him to eat, soon he will think that the spoon itself is bad news. It doesn't matter what's on that spoon... he will not eat it because he hasn't had a good experience with it.

So that's what we did; we allowed Mason to take full control with his cereal and he was the one that brought the spoon to his mouth, not us.

First Bite of Cereal!  <-- Click to Watch Video

At first he didn't like it... He actually gagged a few times!

We kept at it though!

He played with the spoon for a bit

Oh boy... The mess begins!! (It's even in his hair!)

Eventually the spoon got to his mouth!

Soon he couldn't get enough of it!

Hurry dad... get more!

 Can't get enough! <-- Click to Watch Video

Overall... It was a success!

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