Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer time = fun time

We love summer time! It is, by far, the best season! We have a blast so far this summer and seeing Mason experience a lot of new things for the first time in his life. Most of the time, he has no idea what's even going on, but as a mother I have to capture everything:

First time touching a leaf :) definitely important to capture!!
Being in Utah, most of the days are gorgeous so we are able to do a lot of things outdoors, which Mason loves! Kyle and I are going to miss Utah.......... many of you don't know our upcoming plans, so I'll fill you in.

Kyle served his mission in Taiwan 8 years ago and since then, he has been looking for a job where he can use his Mandarin. About a month ago, he was looking on KSL and saw an ad for a teaching position in China. He decided to apply, just for the heck of it. Well that has changed our lives. We are now moving over to Shenzhen China and we will both be teaching English for one year. We are so excited, but nervous to travel on an airplane for 15 hours with a 3 month old! (Oh boy!!) Not to mention that I will be completely lost because I do not speak one word of Mandarin..... Hola? Crap! I'm in trouble! Luckily I will be with Kyle! We are scheduled to leave on July 31st! WHOA!! that's like practically tomorrow! But plans kinda got delayed when we found out that Mason had to get a passport (I guess the birth certificate wasn't enough) So now we are waiting for his passport to arrive and then we are outta here! I don't know about you guys, but when I think of China, I think of 3rd world... Ok maybe not that bad but still! But we have been researching Shenzhen and it surprisingly looks almost identical to Salt Lake. We were skyping a couple that is already over there (originally from Provo, so that made me feel better) and they were taking us around their apartment so we could kinda get an idea of what the apartments look like. They were really modern and looked a lot like the apartments in the U.S.... until we got to the bathroom. The couple then goes on to tell us that they were lucky because they actually have a toilet instead of a squatter. OK WHOA stop there! There is a chance that we would have a squatter?? OK Google help me out here: Squatter = squatting to go to the bathroom in a hole! WHAT?!? I didn't even know that was an option! Ok umm no! Definitely requesting an apartment that has a toilet, never had to do that before! Well other than that everything else was just the way it is here in the U.S. We are so excited to be able to experience this great opportunity. Mason's first steps are going to be on China's soil?? ok his first steps will be on China's asphalt! We will keep you posted on when exactly we are going to be leaving, but for now please enjoy our summer adventures we've had so far this year!

First time boating! Loved it!

Swimming at the Kamas Pool

We went to the Car show here in Heber and he took a nap under my dad's truck

Love him

Sweet little smile!

My two bald boys! Love them both so much!

Tin foil dinners! Super yummy!

He wanted to touch the trees, I guess. Or Kyle was pulling the Lion King move

So Sweet

First hike

Mason is obviously enjoying the outdoors...

Rolling over!!! WHAT?!?!

First time at the Splash Pad

First Hike


  1. You're moving to CHINA!!!!??? Whoa is right! Your spanish won't do you any good over there. lol Well that will be an amazing experience! So happy for you!

  2. Thank you! and ya unfortunately Spanish won't do me any good! Darn! It'll be an experience for sure!

  3. Ya China thats crazy, but so fun!!! enjoy every moment of it!