Friday, March 8, 2013

17 days and counting!

It's been a while since my last posting, so I decided to write a post on my pregnancy, it coming to an end and about to start something amazing, so I’ve heard! I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone by. I remember very vividly the night that I took a pregnancy test, looked at the results, shook my head because there is no way I could be pregnant (or so I thought), took another pregnancy test,  shook my head in disbelief and took another one, and then screamed to Kyle that we are pregnant. I actually am still in disbelief that there is a little human being inside of me right now. It’s kind of like thinking about the Gospel and those three common questions “Where did we come from?” “Why are we here?” and “Where do we go after this life?” the more you think of it and the harder you try to understand exactly how we got here and exactly where we are going after, the more your brain hurts. Every single time I feel our little boy kick me or roll around I can’t help but think that he is literally a miracle in the making! (I hope that makes as much sense in your head as it does in mine). My pregnancy has been an amazing experience. I have heard so many horror stories about what could go wrong while being pregnant and I feared that I would experience something like that. But no, from the moment we found out we were pregnant to the present moment (almost 38 weeks) there have been no complications which is also another miracle and something that I am very grateful for!

The beginning of my pregnancy was kind of on the harder side because I was sick for about 4 weeks, but honestly looking back on it, it doesn’t seem like 4 weeks it seems like maybe 4 days. Once I was over the morning sickness part of pregnancy, most days I forgot that I was even pregnant. To be honest, I was still in denial of even being pregnant up until our 20 week ultrasound because I wasn’t gaining any weight and I didn’t have a little baby bump. So it was hard for me to think that I was pregnant because everything was normal. I have heard from many pregnant women their weird cravings and stuff, but I think the weirdest thing I “craved” would be crunchy fruits and vegetables, but it was only for 2-3 weeks maybe and I didn’t necessarily crave them. If it was in front of me, I’d eat it, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get something crunchy. After our 20 week ultrasound I slowly started gaining weight and eventually I got a baby bump. (see pic below)

Can I be honest? If I’m a little too honest and you get offended, then you are more than welcome to just exit out of my blog J but here’s my thoughts on weight. My entire life I have been fortunate enough to never have weight issues or problems (thanks to my mother and father) so I never really could connect with those girls or women who didn’t fit into a “socially acceptable size.” We see ads all over the place from TV commercials to Billboards to magazines that show what women should look like, what “being beautiful is,”  and how to get that kind of body. Honestly we are brainwashing our kids (and even ourselves) to not love their bodies and how God created them until they get that “perfect” body that was spray painted on that billboard. Ever since I got pregnant and started gaining weight, I have been able to look in the mirror every day and see myself, for the first time in my life, with curves. At first it was hard because that’s not “pretty” right? And yes yes yes I know, I am pregnant but I have put that aside a few times and looked at myself as if I wasn’t pregnant. I honestly envy those women who have curves. I would like to speak to the person who came up with the idea that skinny, boney woman are more socially acceptable then curvy women. I have absolutely loved seeing my body with curves. It makes me feel more like a woman should look like! I wish that our world wasn’t so screwed up and we could see those ads that were shown back in the 40’s that showed “real women”, curvy bodies and bodies that weren’t perfectly sculpted. Well so what I’m getting at is that I want to tell all of you woman who have possibly had weight issues, or height issues, or any issue… you are beautiful just the way you are! It’s definitely easier said than done to “love yourself the way you are” because we are surrounded by pictures of women who are so perfect that we would do anything to look like them, whether that be starve ourselves or work ourselves to death at the gym. I think that having curves has made me look healthier, happier, and surprisingly more comfortable with my body and how I look. Okay, okay I’m done… I’m stepping down off my soapbox but I just wanted to throw that out there and my feelings on that subject.

Ok back to pregnancy… so ya it’s been great! Right now we are 37 weeks and 4 days along. I constantly have either feet, knees or a butt under my ribs… did I mention constantly? It’s an awesome feeling though. I know that our little man is gaining weight and he’s preparing to enter into this dysfunctional world. I have been having those fake contractions (braxton-hicks?) for about 2 months now. At first I was only getting them about 4-5 times a day and now I get at least one every hour.

Every single night, right before I fall asleep, he gets the hiccups. It’s cute in an annoying way. I love feeling his little hiccups but they last FOREVER! It’s like a twitch that doesn’t stop. But it’s cute. Being a very anxious person, you’d think that I would be having anxiety attacks just thinking about the labor process and what’s going to happen, but I feel like I have been very fortunate to get an AMAZING doctor who has calmed those nerves! Her name is Dr. Falk; she works at the new hospital over in Park City. If it weren’t for her, I feel like this baby might already be born because of stress. Right after we found out that we were pregnant, I had heard about this Dr. Falk lady and how good she was, and so that’s why we went with her. It’s been amazing to hear how many people go to her once they start talking to me and asking who my doctor is and stuff.

Well that’s pretty much an overview of my feelings and such in the past 8 months. Kyle and I are so excited to meet and hold our little man here in the next few weeks. We feel like we are prepared, but I don’t know if you can ever be 100% prepared. Wish us luck!!


  1. Your going to be awesome! ! So glad you feel prepared. Can't wait to meet him. :^) much luck for a quick speedy delivery!

  2. It was so good to talk to you the other day! I wish we lived closer. Can't wait to meet the little guy! :)

  3. Cute post. P.S., I blog stalk you. I think it's about time you found out :)