Tuesday, April 22, 2014


It has been a while since I last wrote on my blog.... totally slacking!! If your options were Disneyland, the beach, the park, or writing a blog... I'm sure you would choose all except blog :) Living in California has been a blast so far. My entire life I have been taught to work hard and your hard work will pay off, but no one ever told me that life was suppose to be a blast while you are working hard. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Like going to the beach should be only on occasions... and Disney...Psshhh that's like only on special vacations! Kyle works his TAIL off but somehow we are able to still go to Disneyland every. single. week! That's right! Every week. And let's not talk about the beach... I mean that's where we go if we are just bored out of our minds and Disney just seems so far away (I hope you read that with sarcasm) We live at the perfect distance between the beach (10 minutes) and Disneyland (20 minutes). I honestly feel like I'm living this life that I shouldn't be living. Like one day I'm going to wake up and go back to working that 5 days a week and have no social life. It is really strange to me that the life I'm living right now.... is actually a life (if that makes sense). 

Well Mason is 13 months old today! Holy cow! I feel like I just had him! It honestly blows my mind that I have a toddler. He is crazy! He is all over the place. Recently he started walked like 100% of the time! So now you can imagine this little creature that never rolled, never crawled and now he is walking?? He is interested in EVERYTHING! Like everything. I can't even begin to explain how much energy this little person has. Here we are at Disney and he is not even interested in the rides... I mean who on earth is interested in Peter Pan or Bugs Life when there is a stick and gum on the ground? He is the sweetest little boy. He loves giving mom kiss and hits dad all the time... no I'm kidding, well kinda he does like to hit a lot though... but he is so sweet. He is the BEST eater! I mean this kid eats more than Kyle and I! When we eat out at restaurants and they ask if we want a kids menu it's like "For who? This kid needs an adult size portion!" He loves to sleep! I am so glad that we never put Mason in the bed with us, I know it was so tempting when he was little and wouldn't move when he slept and now it's definitely paying off! It literally takes us about 2 seconds to lay him down in his crib, say "good night", and then walk out. He doesn't cry or anything. I am still amazed at how good of a kid he is. Mason loves to flirt! And it doesn't matter what age the woman are! I mean just the other Sunday he was playing peek-a-boo with a lady at the very back of the chapel (keep in mind we were sitting on the VERY front row in the chapel) who happened to be in a wheel chair because she is around 90 years old! So here we are in Fast and Testimony meeting and you hear this little voice go "Boo" and then his little head comes up and looks back at the lady. haha Like seriously I have never laughed at someone more than I have at Mason. He has the funniest personality.

Well that's pretty much our life right now. I love my life! I love my husband! He is a great man who is hard working and such a great spouse and father!

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  1. If you haven't already been to Salt Creek Beach, just south of Laguna Niguel - you definitely need to go. It's one of my favorites. Take a blanket and picnic basket. It is also a beautiful spot to watch the sunset. Love and miss you guys but glad that you are having adventures!